Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fig, Hazelnut, and Goat Cheese Canapés

Or "How to Win Friends and Influence People in 4 Easy Steps"

Step 1. Acquire the following ingredients:

  • fresh figs
  • a baguette
  • creamy goat cheese *
  • hazelnut praline spread **

Step 2. Cut the stems off the figs and finely dice them. Place in a bowl and add a spoonful or two of hazelnut spread. Stir together until the hazelnut spread binds the fig pieces together in a delicious paste.

Step 3. Slice the baguette into 1/4" slices. Top each slice with some goat cheese and then some of the fig-hazelnut mixture.

Step 4. Serve to anybody whose good side you want to be on, or anybody you need a favor from. After one bite, they will be at your beck and call. On the other hand, once you try one, you might have trouble parting with the rest, so feel free to keep them all for yourself as a tasty snack. Or dessert. Or... dinner.

* I used Le Sarlet, which has a texture like Brie but with the tang of goat cheese. It worked perfectly.
** I used the "brunette" spread from Le Pain Quotidien -- it's like Nutella but without the chocolate, and also, better. If you have fresh hazelnuts you could make your own!


KnitWit said...

Looks delicious! =)

Anonymous said...

My kind of food.. I especially love goat cheese

Joanna said...

Thanks guys! I'm a little sad that I ate all the figs, they were really really good.

Maris said...

I saw a recipe just like this in the new food network magazine. They had a whole laundry list of capape combinations. I can't wait to have a party so I can make some fo them! Goat cheese and hazlenut sound like they'd be great together.

Joanna said...

Maris - I'll have to check that out! Even though they can be kind of fiddly to make, I love canapes. I'd be happy at a party where all that's served is a bunch of different canapes or other 1-2 bite foods... who needs a main dish when you can have tiny amazing flavor combos??